• Let The Fun Out!

    The Kids Will Never Be The Same.

  • Wildy Stronger!

    Keeps Ice Longer!

  • Perfect Grilling.

    The Last Grill You'll Ever Buy.

  • Relax.

    And lounge In Luxury.

  • Dream Big.

    Legends Are Born On Your Driveway.

  • Set The Trend.

    Stylish. Colorful. And Eco-Friendly.

We Are Rainbow Play Systems of the Valley

We have everything you need to turn your backyard into the ultimate dream with swing sets! Simply put, we are outdoor living at its finest.

Are you ready to take your grilling to the next level? Are you tired of having to buy a new BBQ pit every 2-3 years? The Big Green Egg is your answer. It’s a Grill, Smoker and oven all in one! The Big Green Egg will make the most delicious BBQ you’ve ever tasted and put out some delicious Brick Oven tasting pizzas, awesome smoked fish and of course steaks that will beat your favorite steakhouse. Plus the ceramic outside not only cooks your food to perfection, but it’s also weather resistant. You read right… NO RUSTING!

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There’s nothing more relaxing then ending your hard working day with a dip in a hot tub. At Rainbow Play Systems of the Valley we offer you two selections of the best hot tubs on the market – Jacuzzi and Nordic Hot Tubs. Both brands are built to last and keep your family’s bodies in perfect tact. Whether you’re looking for a hot tub to unwind, replenish those sore muscles, enjoy with your partner, or invite the neighbors/friends over for a party, we’ve got the perfect one for you. A hot tub from Rainbow Play Systems of the Valley is the icing on the cake to backyard living.

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Sometimes your children’s dreams are built right in your backyard. We believe those dreams can flourish from a simple hoop and ball into wherever their imagination takes them. That’s why we sell quality, durable and fun Goalrilla goals. Goalrilla goals can turn your driveway into the NBA or your backyard into the World Cup Finals! Goalrilla goals are made to take a licking and keep on ticking. They don’t rust out over time, blow away with the wind, and can take endless dunking from even the NBA’s finest.

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Why Rainbow Play Systems Swing Sets?

  • Quality – All Our Products Are Built to Last! Our products are can stand the Valley heat, but also those rainy days.
  • Fun – Once your kids experience their new backyard, we know they’ll put down that video game controller to experience the fun of outdoor living.
  • Delicious Eating – Forget having to go out and buy premade BBQ. The Big Green Egg makes grilling fun, easy and delicious.
  • Relaxing – We know how hard you work. Your backyard needs to be your sanctuary. Where you seek therapy via a grill, a hot tub or even watching your kids grow up. We’re here to make sure your backyard is your zen.

Welcome To Rainbow Play Systems & Swing Sets!

Dream Big

At Rainbow Play Systems of the Valley, we know how your kid’s imagination can run wild. Let it with Rainbow Play Systems swing sets. We believe in letting them Dream Big! Whether your backyard is your dream size, or your working up to that, we have the perfect fit for your kids. Our Rainbow Play Systems can keep them, the extended family and the next door neighbors entertained for hours! Or, if they’re looking to step up their game, our Goalrilla basketball goals and soccer goals are perfect. Because at Rainbow Play Systems of the Valley, we’re proud to let our children’s imagination run wild with a Rainbow Play System!

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The Big Green Egg - The Ultimate Cooking Experience!

Want To Get The Best Grill In The World? Sure You Do!The Big Green Egg is the ultimate cooking experience! It will change the way you grill, forever. Yeah, forever. This thing will be the last grill you'll ever buy.
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