In the RGV, a lot of us struggle with being stressed out from work, kids and more… and are looking for solutions. Throughout history, people have come up with a wide variety of clever ways to help relax, from medicine to vacations and more.

At Rainbow Play Systems of the RGV, we have far more practical method to aid in stress. A hot tub/jacuzzi can be amongst the more enjoyable ways to help relax and stop the stress!

Hot Tubs Help Reduce Stress

Stress can skew the body’s hormones in dramatic ways. One of the most significant ways involves cortisol, the so-called “stress hormone.” The effects of cortisol can be devastating to people who are trying to lose pounds, and even to those who are trying to maintain a healthy weight.

With an outdoor hot tub, you’ll enjoy the added benefits of fresh air and time in nature, which has been found to reduce stress levels by relaxing the brain’s high-level function control center, the prefrontal cortex. Researchers found that this had the power to decrease cortisol levels by sixteen percent in just a few days.

So come see us at Rainbow Play Systems in McAllen and Harlingen for more info on a new Hot Tub for you!


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