In these days of excess social media and video games, many kids are not receiving what their growing bodies need. Thankfully Rainbow Play Systems has what your children need to live a fulfilling lifestyle.

Here are 5 benefits to kids playing outside on a Rainbow Play System:

  1. Promotes healthier children

Playing on a Rainbow Play System will make your child active by using every part of their body. By climbing the rock wall, going up the stairs, playing on the slides, and pushing each other on the swings your kids will have fun and exercise right at the same time. All this while getting a good dose of Vitamin D which helps their bones and helps fights diseases.

  1. Helps their emotional growth

As children play on a Rainbow Play System with their siblings and friends they learn to take turns, share, and communicate with others thus developing constructive social skills. Children come in contact with nature which increases good feelings and reduces stress levels, hostility, and fear.

  1. Leads to an increase in academic achievement

Through the Rainbow Play System kids learn new information and tasks. This enhances their brains and helps them be more attentive in the classroom helping them do better on tests.

  1. Nurtures happiness

Kids today don’t play outside as much as they need to. Lack of playing on a Rainbow Play System can cause obesity, anxiety, depression, and ADHD.

  1. Bonding with family

Ultimately with a Rainbow Play System you can bond with your child right in the comfort of your backyard. A durable and dependent play system like the Rainbow Play System will assure that your child is playing on safe grounds. No need to drive to the park and spend time looking for a parking spot just to have to leave early when the sun goes down. You can always check up on your kids and not worry about strangers harming them.

Rainbow Play Systems gives kids a new sense of joy from the enclosure of the indoors and the fast paced lifestyle of today’s world. We hope you enjoyed our article on 5 benefits to kids playing outside!


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